Your Favorite Phone Game has come to Slots

Posted on April 13, 2014

bejeweled slotMany people will know the game bejeweled from when they played it on their phone and now it has been developed as an exciting slot machine. The Bejeweled slot will be easily recognizable to those that have played the phone version and although it is a slot machine, it does have some unique features that aren’t often found on other slot machines. To start with, this slot machine does not have winning pay lines like regular slots; instead it has a winning grid. This pay grid is 5 symbols wide and 5 deep and wins can be attained by matching the jeweled symbols, within the grid, either up, down or from side to side. Another unique feature is that unlike other slots where the symbols spin on reels, the symbols on this slot fall into place in a fashion similar to the other well-known phone game, Tetris. The third of the unique features is that if a symbol is used in a win, it will fall from the reel, once again in a similar fashion to Tetris. Of course, as a symbol falls away it has to be replaced which is almost like getting a re-spin as, if the new symbols also make up a win that win will also be paid and those symbols will also fall.

Although it may look similar, this slot machine is certainly no phone game for amusement only, as the high wins available will testify. Although most of the symbols on the reels are of jewels of various shapes and colours, there is a ‘bejeweled’ symbol and it is this symbol that is the wild, replacing any of the other symbols where necessary. Not only is this bejeweled symbol for obtaining wins, it can also provide you with the biggest win as, getting five of them showing on the reels, will pay a jackpot of 20,000 coins. An additional feature on this machine, allows you a free spin if you get two or more wins together, which is of course possible considering that the wins can be gotten both up and across.

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