Win Up and Down on these Slots

Posted on May 11, 2014

play bejeweled slotsThese slot machines are perhaps unique because you can earn wins running up and down as well as from side to side. When you play Bejeweled slots, instead of having winning lines on which you can try and obtain winning combinations on, they have a winning grid five symbols deep and five symbols wide within which any winning combination is valid. As there is a winning grid instead of just winning pay lines, obviously the chances of being able to win become easier, especially seeing as how winning combinations can be up and down as well as just from one side to the next. This even opens up the possibilities of winning more than one combination at a time, perhaps one up and down and another from side to side. Not only is this possible but it is a regular occurrence whilst playing these slots and when it happens, the player is awarded a free spin. The idea of free spins is that the player can receive an additional win without having to use an extra credit and so on these machines there is no reason why the player can’t receive two wins on his free spin, earning himself yet another free spin, a process that can occur repeatedly, always increasing the players credit count without causing any reduction.

The free spin for any double win is just one way in which these slots can award a player with wins without having to pay anything and they have one other way too. These slots have a special feature that requires any symbol on the reels which has taken part in a winning combination, to fall from its reel. This produces an empty space that has to be filled by a replacement symbol and so it is. As it is just as plausible that a replacement symbol can make a winning combination as a regular one, another win could be created by the replacement symbol and again, that would have to fall from the reels creating yet another empty space needing to be filled and again, awarding the player win after win with no expense.

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