Win Repeatedly when you Play Bejeweled Slots

Posted on February 20, 2014

play bejeweled slotsThese slot machines contain special features that not only help you to win but can assist you in winning repeatedly without having to pay into the machine any more than you started with. When you play Bejeweled slots, one of these special features is that it has a winning grid which is 5 reels wide and 5 symbols high, as opposed to other slot machines that merely have winning lines. These grids allow for wins to be obtained down in columns as well as across in rows and sometimes both can be obtained on the same spin. If this double win does occur on a single spin, a free spin will be awarded. As it is just as easy to obtain a double win on a free spin as it is on a paying one, the free spin may also lead to a double win and if it does, again a free spin will be awarded and will continue to be as long as double wins occur.

Falling Jewels
As with other games of Bejeweled that are played on a variety of different media, the symbols on the reels of these slot machines are jewels of various different shapes and colors. It is when these different jewels come together in matching sets within the grid, that a win is created. The falling jewels feature on these machines dictates that when a jewel has been used in a winning set, it is to fall from the reels creating a space where a replacement jewel can then be placed. Once again, the replacement jewel can just as easily make up a winning combination as any original jewel on the reels and so, another win can be formed without you having to pay any extra and as even if it is a replacement jewel that creates the win, it too has to fall from the reels allowing another, potential winner, to take its place.

With two separate ways to make multiple wins without having to pay more, it is easy to see why these slot machines have become so popular.

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