Win Can Follow Win on this Slot Machine

Posted on May 07, 2014

play bejeweled slotOn this slot machine, not only can you receive win after win but you can even win double wins after double wins. To play Bejeweled slot, instead of having winning lines like most other slot machines, it has a winning grid where any winning combination anywhere within the grid can produce a win. This means that wins can be across or up and down and even both directions at the same time, providing two wins from just one spin. In instances where a double win are received, a free spin will be awarded and of course, if that free spin also produces a double win, another free spin will be awarded which can create an almost endless stream of double wins.

This machine, themed on the game that has been played by millions on their phones, has many more features than the phone version does and these features are all designed to make winning easier which after all, considering that the slot pays for wins and the phone doesn’t, is a great thing. One of these features is called falling jewels and involves any jewels, which as like the phone version, are the symbols on the reels, becoming part of a winning combination, it will fall off of its reel. As the reels can’t be left with empty spaces on them, another jewel will drop to take its place. As any of the jewels can create winning combinations, obviously the replacement jewel also could and so yet another win may be created, meaning that the new jewel symbol could also fall from its reel.

The jewels that are used as symbols on this slot machine vary in shape and colour but are all potential sources of wins, affording ample opportunities of not only getting a win followed by another win but even the possibility of getting two or more wins followed by another pair of wins. As the original game, played on phones was extremely popular, considering that that didn’t pay cash, it is little wonder that this slot machine has already become so popular.

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