Win Both Ways on these Slots

Posted on June 08, 2014

bejeweled slotsAs these slots have a winning pay grid, it is possible to formulate wins in more than one direct. Unlike most other slot machines that have one or several pay lines, the Bejeweled slots have winning grids allowing wins to be created in all four directions, two across and two up and down. This is an advantage to the player as it means that more than one win can be achieved from the same spin and when that happens, a free spin is awarded. As the free spin is bound by the same rules as a regular spin, it too could produce two wins which once again would require a free spin to be awarded. As two wins are paid from the initial spin and then two more are paid from the free spin and perhaps even two more from the next free spin, the wins and earnings can continuously increase and even if they are not big wins, they will soon mount up but if any of those wins are big to start with, your credits will soar.

As symbols on the reels of these slots, jewels of varying shapes and colours are used and so a potentially lucrative special feature on these slots has been given the name falling jewels. What this actually means is falling symbols, as it is the symbols that fall from the reels once they have been used to create a win. Because the symbols have fallen from the reels, they have to be replaced. The replacement symbols are similar to the original ones in so far as they too, are jewels of different colours and shapes which means that they are just as capable of forming winning combinations as the symbols they replaced were. Once again on these slots, we find ourselves with a situation where more than one win can be obtained from just one paid spin. With no extra credits being paid for spins that are duplicated due to the falling jewels feature and double wins keep repeating themselves due to the winning grid, it is hard to conceive how anyone could possibly lose on these slots.

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