Win After Win on these Slots

Posted on April 17, 2014

bejeweled slotsNot only do you get some special features that make winning easier on these slot machines but you also get free spins for getting them. On the Bejeweled slots, if you are able to get two or more wins on one spin, you will earn yourself a free spin, which of course could lead to other wins. These slots are themed on the popular game that many have played on their phones but with these, the ability to win money has been added. Straying from the traditional slot machines, these slots offer a winning grid instead of the more common pay lines and having a paying grid, allows for wins to be obtained by matching symbols up and down as well as obtaining wins for matching them across, as on other slots. This feature means that dual wins are far more common on these machines than they are on others and so the two win free spin often comes into play.

These slots do not have their reels spin in the traditional way either, instead the symbols fall into position and if any symbol falls into a winning position, it continues to fall and leaves the reel. This of course leads other symbols to fall into their place, possibly creating another win at no further expense. These falling symbols and the free spins for dual wins means that the wins are frequent and hopefully profitable. Different shaped and different coloured jewels are used as the symbols but the wild is the bejeweled symbol and this can replace any other symbol that may be on the reels. It is this same wild symbol that can be the provider of a jackpot for you. If you are fortunate enough to get five of the wild symbols showing on the reels at the same time, you can win yourself the 20,000 coin jackpot.

These slots have already become very popular and given that the game bejeweled is recognizable to so many and that the wins are frequent, it is very probable that the game will remain popular for quite some time.

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