This Slot Machine Features Winning Gems

Posted on March 18, 2015

play bejeweled slotAs with other versions of this popular game, the symbols that provide wins are all gems, of different shapes and colours perhaps but still gems. When you play Bejeweled slot, you will be playing a game that has been played by millions of people before you but, most of them would not have been able to win money when they played their versions, they just played for fun. That isn’t to say that this slot is not fun; it is but it is even more fun to win actual money whilst enjoying that fun.

Bejeweled has been played by millions over many years but it has only recently been introduced in the form of a slot machine. The popularity of the other versions almost guaranteed that this slot machine would be a success but what wasn’t known was that it would be played as much by slot enthusiasts as it was by the game’s lovers. It would appear that the slot enthusiasts approve of the differences between this slot and other slots but as it provides the opportunity to obtain many multiple wins, no one should have been surprised.

The first way, in which this slot offers a difference from other slots is that the symbols do not have to spin around on reels, instead they just cascade into a position. The second major difference is that there is a winning grid, eliminating the need for a certain number of pay lines as wins can be obtained anywhere in the grid. The ability to able to win anywhere within a grid means that wins can be vertical as well as horizontal and so two can actually occur at the same time and when they do, both wins are paid plus, a free spin is awarded so it could happen again. That isn’t the only good news though as, when a symbol is part of a win it leaves the grid allowing another symbol to take its place, which of course, could create another win which will also be paid. Even with all these multiple wins available, a 20,000 coin jackpot can also be won.

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