This Slot has a Winning Grid

Posted on April 05, 2014

play bejeweled slotUnlike most slots that just have winning pay lines this slot machine has a winning grid. When you play Bejeweled slot there is a winning grid that is 5 symbols wide and 5 symbols deep and you can match any of the bejeweled symbols anywhere within that grid on order to win. This grid system allows for it to be easier to attain more than one win per spin and when you do, you are awarded a free spin. Free spins are regular spins but you do not have to pay for them, which means that they are just as likely to result in a win as any other spin and if they do, you still get paid for those wins. If the free spin results in a multiple win, they too will receive another free spin.

The symbols on this slot, in keeping with the bejeweled theme, are of different color and shaped jewels and these symbols have a somewhat unique feature. If a jewel symbol is involved in making up a winning combination, the jewel falls from the reels making room for a replacement to take its position. This feature is called falling jewels and obviously can result in more wins occurring as, if the replacement jewels themselves, make up a winning combination, those wins will also be paid and the jewels involved will also fall from the reels.

The arcade game bejeweled has long been a favorite and now that it has been combined with the fun and excitement of a slot machine, its popularity is sure to grow. Also the potential for wins that the slot machine has is also bound to attract the slot enthusiasts.

With the combination of a winning grid, falling jewels and free spins for multiple wins, there are few slot machines that offer such an abundance of wins and therefore excitement. If you want to play a hassle free, easy game of slots that has plenty of winning potentials, this slot machine must be one that is close to the top of your list of favorite games.

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