This Slot could Resemble Tetris

Posted on May 31, 2014

play bejeweled slotWhen symbols match up on this slot machine, they fall from the reels as if they were part of a Tetris game. When you play Bejeweled slot the symbols fall from the reels thanks to something called the falling jewels feature. This feature is possibly something new to the world of slots as it requires that any symbol that makes up a winning combination falls from the reels, allowing new symbols to take their places. This also means that the new replacement symbols also get a chance to make wins of their own, affording two wins from just one paid spin. All the symbols on the reels of this slot, as with the game Bejeweled which is played by thousands of people on their cell phones, are of jewels of varying colours and sizes. The falling jewels feature is only one of the possibly unique features on this slot that allows for more than just one win to be achieved from a single paid spin of the reels. Another feature that also allows this to occur is the fact that unlike usual slot machines, which have different numbers of pay lines, this slot machine has none; instead it has a winning pay grid. The advantage of a winning pay grid is that any of the symbols can be matched with similar symbols anywhere within the 5 x 5 grid. As wins can now be attained by reading the symbols up and down as well as from side to side, it is obvious that more than one win can be obtained at any one time, perhaps one reading down whilst another is read from left to right. When this happens, a free spin is awarded.

What the overall result of these somewhat unique features is, you could pay for one spin, that spin produces two wins within the grid. The winning symbols fall from the reels and a third win is made from the replacement symbols, then a free spin is awarded. This process can be repeated again and again, allowing your wins to gradually build up allowing you to buy jewels of your own.

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