This Bejeweled Pays

Posted on June 04, 2014

bejeweled slotUnlike the Bejeweled game you may be used to on your phone, this version actually pays when you win. Although the Bejeweled slot may appear recognizable to the game you are used to playing on your phone, there are many differences, the most noticeable one being that when you win on this version, you do actually win.

This slot is more of a cross between the version that you are used to, in so far as it uses jewels as symbols and the jewels are of varying shapes and colours, and a slot machine but it also has a lot of differences from standard slot machines as well. For instance, the regular slot machines will have a winning line or more commonly today, several winning lines but this slot doesn’t, instead it has a winning grid. The winning grid is 5 x 5 symbols in size and jewels can be matched up anywhere within the grid. This means that you can obtain winning combinations running up and down as well as from side to side.

As wins can be formed in more than one direction, it is of course possible that you could receive two, or even more winning combinations per spin. Not only does this mean that you would collect two wins on that spin but every time that you do get more than one win per spin, you will be awarded a free spin. Now we are looking at a situation where the first spin awarded two wins and now there is a free spin, there is no reason why that too can’t produce two wins making a total of four wins from just one paid spin and there is again another free spin to be taken yet.

Another way in which this slot machine varies from others is that there is a falling jewels feature. This falling jewels feature is another way in which you could receive win after win from just one paid spin and this is because it requires that any jewel used in a win must fall from its reel. As a jewel falls, it has to be replaced and there is no reason why the replacement jewel cannot also make a win.

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