These Slots Revisit a Phone Favourite

Posted on May 27, 2014

play bejeweled slotsFor many years now, the game Bejeweled has been featured on many phones and over those years it has become a favourite for thousands of phone owners and now, at last, it has come to the world of slots. When you play Bejeweled slots, unlike the phone versions, you can of course win cash, which on these slots is easier than it is on the phone versions.

The symbols on the reels of these slots are similar to the phone game and so feature various jewels of different colours and shapes. The object of the game is to match similar jewels which will then, first having paid you, fall from the reels and allow new jewels to take their place. The new jewels of course, are just as capable of making wins as the old ones and so they could produce a new win, which will of course be paid before the new jewels also fall from the reels. This is what is called the falling jewels feature and is perhaps unique to these slots.

There is also another feature that may also be unique to these slots and that is the winning grid. These slot machines have a winning 5 x 5 grid in place of winning pay lines like more traditional slot machines. The winning pay grid allows for any jewel symbols to be matched up anywhere within the grid, regardless of whether it is across, side to side or vertical, up and down. With wins being accepted in all directions it is easier to get wins and even possible to get multiple wins from just one spin. If this does occur and you receive a multiple win from just one spin, a free spin will be awarded. Just as the replacement symbols are just as capable of making a win as the original ones, the free spin is just as capable of making a win as the original spin was, or even a multiple win and so once again, win after win can be attained without the need to replenish the slots with credits.

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