These Slots are Jewels

Posted on April 01, 2014

bejeweled slotThese slots have revolutionized the game of bejeweled which is known and loved by many. The Bejeweled slots have combined a favorite arcade style game, with that of the always popular slot machine and in doing so have created a jewel of a game, not only for their entertainment value but also for their unique way of supplying wins. As with the popular arcade game, the symbols on these reels are a mixture of different colored and shaped jewels which can be matched up to create wins. The wins though, do not occur in the usual way for slot machines where they have to appear in certain pay lines; instead these slots have a winning grid. The winning grid allows for any matching jewels occurring anywhere within the grid, to be recognized as a win. This of course means that wins can be made up from jewels matching up sideways or up and down. With wins possibly occurring in two directions, two wins are possible on each spin and when this happens; not only are both wins recognized but a free spin is awarded. As it is just as likely for wins to occur on free spins as they are on regular spins, it is possible that you could find yourself playing a stream of free spins, each providing double wins.

Not only is the thought of a succession of double wins exciting but when you consider that there is another feature that can make for even more wins, that excitement is almost uncontainable. This additional winning feature is known as the falling jewels feature and entails any jeweled symbols that are part of a winning combination, falling from the reels. These fallen jewels leave spaces that filled by other jewels. The replacement jewels can of course, themselves produce winning combinations and when they do, they too will be paid and the replacement jewels will also fall from the reels.

With the winning grid providing double wins and the falling jewels providing repetitive wins, the wins on these slots keep coming with steady regularity, ensuring the potential for any player to leave both entertained and rewarded.

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