At Last get Paid for Winning Bejeweled

Although you like millions of others, may have been playing the game Bejeweled for years, you will have been playing it on your cell phone or other device which does not afford you the opportunity to win hard cash when you win, that though, now has changed. When you play Bejeweled slots, just like any […]

Win after Win can Happen on these Slots

On these slots there are at least two ways that you can get win after win, without even having to pay for another spin. When you play Bejeweled slots, there is a special feature that is called falling jewels and this feature alone can be responsible for more than just one win from any one […]

These Slots Revisit a Phone Favourite

For many years now, the game Bejeweled has been featured on many phones and over those years it has become a favourite for thousands of phone owners and now, at last, it has come to the world of slots. When you play Bejeweled slots, unlike the phone versions, you can of course win cash, which […]

Win Up and Down on these Slots

These slot machines are perhaps unique because you can earn wins running up and down as well as from side to side. When you play Bejeweled slots, instead of having winning lines on which you can try and obtain winning combinations on, they have a winning grid five symbols deep and five symbols wide within […]

Fame Comes to the Slots

The famous and long time favorite arcade game bejeweled has now been released in the form of a slot machine. When you play Bejeweled slots, you are playing a version of an arcade game that has long been a favorite for kids and adults alike and although the kids may not be able to play […]

Now Win with Bejeweled

Bejeweled has for many years provided a lot of people fun as an arcade game but now that enjoyment can be turned into cash, when you play Bejeweled slots. It is based on the popular arcade game but as it is a slot machine; its major concern is offering you the potential to win cash […]

Multiple Wins of Colored Gems

Although these slot machines do not pay out actual gems, they only use them as some of the symbols on their reels, the impressive wins that these gems can provide, especially if you get multiples of them, will allow you to buy some colorful gems of your own. When you play Bejeweled slots there are […]

Play Bejeweled Slots Differently

Although you may have played the game bejeweled before, it is unlikely that you have played it with as many special features, as these slot machines have. When you play Bejeweled slots, they may be played in the same way as what you are perhaps used to but the special features on these machines include […]

Win Repeatedly when you Play Bejeweled Slots

These slot machines contain special features that not only help you to win but can assist you in winning repeatedly without having to pay into the machine any more than you started with. When you play Bejeweled slots, one of these special features is that it has a winning grid which is 5 reels wide […]

Symbols Fall when you Play Bejeweled Slots

On these slot machines there is a special feature that is called falling jewels. When you play Bejeweled slots you will see that all the symbols are of jewels of different shapes and colors and these are the jewels that are referred to in the falling jewels feature. This feature requires that any symbol that […]