Types of Slot Bonuses

When you decide to play slot games, then you know that you are participating in a game based entirely on luck. While the payouts are random, they are huge chunks of money which can be life changing for people. The money is also guaranteed to all participants of the game throughout their active participation.

Any smart player knows that in order to achieve winning ways, then a player must participate in the game for long enough to warrant a winning chance. The players can also be helped by their online casino site to achieve impressive payouts. As the competition in the online casino is very high, players are allowed access to different forms of bonuses. The bonuses allow the players to maximize the profits they make from the online casino.

A No Deposit Bonus
This is awarded to the players as a money gift. Players need to register to an online casino in order to be offered this bonus. The new players are then allowed to participate in free games with chances of pocketing handsome money payouts.

The games that a player may be allowed to play may be restricted as the user is still new. However, the player is given a huge advantage in that they can easily participate in games while their money is completely risk free.

A Deposit Bonus
This bonus helps players build the profits they earn from the site. A casino will offer a percentage bonus dependent on the amount deposited. The percentage is usually 200% or 300% of the money deposited. The fact that a player is guaranteed of pocketing thrice the amount they have deposited ensures that no one heads home broke.

Free Spin
Casinos may also offer a number of slot free spins on certain slot machines. This bonus not only means that players on a specific machine get to see the features of the game in real time but also allows them to fully participate in the game and have unaltered chances of bagging in regular payouts. It’s best utilized by players who have no consideration of the type of machine they use or lucky players who find that their favourite slot machine is the one offering spins for free.

Free Play
This bonus presents players with a risk free period to try out the various types of games available in the casino. The casino offers a fixed period of time such that the players are able to work on improving their profits for an hour. After the hour expires, the players are allowed to participate in any game of their choice and keep all the profit they had gained.

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