I remember the first time I played Bejeweled. From the second I started I was hooked and the next thing I knew I had spent thirty minutes rearranging the beautiful gems – and had a lot of fun doing so! So when Bejeweled was made into a slot game, I just couldn’t wait to try it because I knew that it was bound to be just as much fun.

The gems are just as pretty as on the original game, and the colours certainly make it easy on the eye – but I have to admit that the main reason I wanted to play Bejeweled slot was because I’d heard about the large wins that are possible. The possibility of taking home all that money definitely made it more exciting, even to a long term slot enthusiast like myself!

The idea of the Bejeweled slot is to get as many matching jewels in the same rows as possible. Like most slot machines, it carries the standard of at least three needed to form a winning combination and the more you can get matching up, the higher the winnings.

It’s a really interesting game with several unique features, and I noticed straight away that there was something different about this slot. For starters, the game is played on a grid rather than the usual set of reels and the symbols drop down onto it instead of spinning.

Next, Bejeweled slot offers a great feature of tumbling reels, in the manner of Da Vinci Diamonds slot. When a jewel symbol has been used in a win, it explodes, allowing another symbol to take its place. Of course if this happens, then both of the wins are paid out. That means you can conceivably win multiple times on a single spin – always a bonus!

The grid is unusual as well. Instead of having left to right paylines, the Bejeweled slot allows wins to be registered in columns as well as rows, giving you even more chances to win.

The diamonds are the most valuable symbol, with the ability to pay out up to 500 times your bet, and while I was playing I actually hit three of them so I won 100 times my bet. I kept my eyes peeled for the super jackpot (won by spinning five wild symbols) but alas I’ll just have to keep trying! I had a fantastic time playing it though so it won’t be a hardship.

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