Play Bejeweled Slots with Multiple Wins

Posted on December 22, 2013

play bejeweled slotsAlthough at first these may look like any other regular game of bejeweled, these slot machines have special features that allow for multiple wins without having to put in any extra coins. When you play Bejeweled slots there are several special features and all of them seem to assist you in getting not just one but multiple wins.

The first of these features is the ability for the slots to pay out when symbols match down the reels in columns as well as across the reels in lines. With this duel way to get wins, it is easier to not only get more wins but also get two wins at a time which brings us to the next special feature. If you are able to get two or more wins with a single spin of the reels, you will be awarded a free spin. Of course it is also possible to get a double win from that free spin and if you do, you will again be awarded another free spin. As theses free spins can potentially go on indefinitely, your credits will certainly go up getting double wins and not paying any extra.

There is one other special feature that may not exactly give you free spins but what amounts to almost the same thing and that is called the falling jewels bonus feature. This special feature allows for any symbol that was part of a winning combination, to fall from the reels. This obviously creates a space that has to be filled by another symbol and if that symbol also creates a winning combination, it too will fall from the reels and so the process can potentially continue endlessly.
So with free spins being allotted and replacement symbols appearing all without any extra coins being put in by you, your winnings have the potential to grow very quickly.

Although these versions of bejeweled are very exciting, the producers added one more feature to allow the game to keep changing and that is that when replacement symbols appear on the reels, they may be completely new ones, maintaining a fresh look to the game.

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