Play Bejeweled Slots with Fallen Gems

Posted on November 20, 2013

play bejeweled slotsAs this slot machine is based on the popular game Bejeweled, there are lots of different colored or shaped jewels and gems on the reels as symbols. When you play Bejeweled slots the object, in order to win, is to get as many of the same symbols either in rows or columns in the 5 x5 display grid. Obviously the more of the matching symbols that you get in the grid, the higher your winnings will be. One of the helpful things about this slot machine is that assisting you to win big is the fact that you can win more than one combination at the same time and when you do, that is when a unique free spin feature is activated. Get more than one win on any spin and you will be awarded a free spin and if with that free spin, you again get more than one win, you will get yet another free spin. These double wins followed by free spins with more double wins, has already been responsible for players coming away with some sizeable wins.

Another special winning feature that is possibly also unique to when you play Bejeweled Slots is the falling jewels feature. Any symbol that is involved in a winning combination, will fall away to make room for a new symbol. The new symbols, in turn, could also make up winning combinations and if they do, they too will be paid. Imagine how big your win could grow if, the replacement symbols also provide a win and they too fall away making room for yet more winning symbols.
These special features alone would probably draw a popular following but add to those the fact that the Bejeweled Slots have large jackpots available to be won, that really is the icing on the cake or the jewels in the crown.

With the falling jewels feature, when the winning jewels have fallen away they can be replaced by other jewels and so this continued renewal of the various colors and types of jewels visible on the reels, keeps the machine from ever becoming monotonous.

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