Play Bejeweled Slots with Extra Wins

Posted on January 23, 2014

play bejeweled slotsThese slot machines allow for extra ways to win by paying for matching symbols, down in columns as well as across in rows in a 5 x 5 winning pay grid. This opens up the opportunities of winning from more than just one pay line on any spin. When this happens and whilst you play Bejeweled slots you get more than one pay line win on any spin, the machines will award you a free spin. This is a repeating feature that means, if the free spin also enables a double pay line win, you will get yet another free spin. Acquiring free spins after free spins, all paying for wins on more than one pay line, your winnings have no where to go but up, especially considering that the free spins mean you are paying in nothing more.

Perhaps unbelievably, these same slot machines allow for another way to keep getting win after win without having to use up any more credits and this is through its falling jewels feature. The symbols on the reel s of these slot machines are of jewels in various shapes and colors and when one of these jewel symbols joins with other similar ones to create a win, any winning symbol, falls from its reel allowing for a replacement symbol to come into its place. If any replacement symbol then creates another win, not only will that win also be paid but that winning symbol will again fall from its reel. Again, this means that multiple wins can come from just one paid spin.

The Bejeweled game has been around for many years and can be played on many other media but it is doubtful that any other version of the game is either as enjoyable or as easy to win as these versions. For that reason, although there was no doubt that its release would be popular, its popularity has been far more than expected, probably due to the fact that some of the beneficial features are not only unique to games of bejeweled but also unique to other slot machines.

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