Play Bejeweled Slots with Almost Endless Spins

Posted on December 06, 2013

play bejeweled slotsThere is one special feature on these slot machines that could result in you getting almost endless plays, all for free. This special feature when you play Bejeweled slots is known as the free play feature and can certainly assist you in having a very profitable experience. There is also another special feature on these slot machines that although does not award any free plays or free spins, makes one spin seemingly last almost endlessly too, this feature is known as the falling jewels feature.

Free Plays
The free play feature on these slot machines comes into play if you get more than one winning combination on any spin. This situation isn’t as hard as you may first think as on this machine, matching symbols down in columns as well as across in rows, also make for wins. Just imagine how easy that can be when the reels also have on wild symbols. Anyway if you get two or more wins on one spin, you are awarded a free play and if that free play also results in more than one win showing on the reels, again a free play will be awarded. Another double win appears and again a free play and so you can see how these free plays could potentially go on forever, producing you win after win without having to pay another dime.

Falling Jewels
This special feature is called what it is firstly because all the symbols on the reels are of jewels, they may be different shapes and colors but they are all jewels and when one of them is part of a win, that symbol falls away. Obviously the fallen jewel leaves a space and so that is filled by another symbol but once again, if that new symbol also creates a winning combination, it too will fall creating another void to be filled. Once again this process is recurring meaning that a lot of wins can be acquired before the ‘spin’ is fully finished.

With the multiple wins awarding free plays and the possibility of replacement symbols creating additional wins, the winnings on this slot can quickly mount up.

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