Play Bejeweled Slots and Win in the Grid

Posted on January 07, 2014

play bejeweled slotsOn these slot machines you do not only have the option of getting wins by matching symbols in rows across the reels, you can also get matching symbols down in columns, all within a grid area that is five symbols wide and five symbols deep. Play Bejeweled slots with this winning grid and find it easier to get multiple wins with just one spin.

There is an added attraction to getting more than just one win when you play these slots. Whenever you are able to get two or more wins on a single spin on these machines, you will automatically receive, in addition to the multiple wins, a free spin. This free spin of course, is also capable of providing a multiple win and if it does, you again get a free spin awarded. It is easy to see how these free spins can keep repeating almost continuously and each time, you are receiving multiple wins with no out paying of coins, allowing the potential for your balance to increase steadily to some great heights.

Falling Jewels
As with other bejeweled games on other media, the Bejeweled Slots have jewels and gems as their symbols on the reels. These jewels are an assortment of different shapes and sizes and it is by getting matching ones in rows or columns that you make wins. However, on these slot machines, in what is something of a unique feature, when a symbol has been used to make up a winning combination, it falls from the reels. These fallen jewels therefore create spaces that have to be filled. The spaces are then filled with other symbols and the good thing about this is, if those too make winning combinations, that win will also be paid and the symbols involved will again fall from the reels, again leaving spaces to be filled. As there are never any spaces left blank, the spaces are again filled with other symbols that could also make wins. This potentially continuous process can also add up to a good growth in your credit balance.

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