Play Bejeweled Slot with Free Plays

Posted on November 16, 2013

play bejeweled slotThis is one slot machine that apart from regular wins, also awards you free plays to try and increase your number of wins. When you play Bejeweled slot and obtain more than one win in the grid at any time, you are awarded a free play and as this free play can also, provide more than just one win; the process can potentially continue endlessly which would certainly help to raise your winnings.

This isn’t the only unique special feature that can see you winning almost endlessly with no added expense, there is also a special feature known as the falling jewels which too can provide endless opportunities. The falling jewels feature makes any jeweled symbol on the reel s that has partaken in making a winning combination, fall from the reels. This obviously produces a blank space on the reel and so that is filled with a new symbol. If the new symbol that has been added to the reel also makes a winning combination, it too will fall creating another new space to be filled. Once again this process can potentially go on endlessly and again at no extra expense to you. This special feature can also see your winnings grow immensely.

The Bejeweled slot has five reels which are covered in gems and jewels of different colors and shapes. When the reels stop spinning, the symbols in a display area of 5 x5 are visible and in order to gain a win, the symbols in the display window must match up but they can match across the rows or down the columns and so the double win free play feature is a potentially common occurrence.

There is only room for so many various symbols on the reels but to stop too much repetition of the same symbols keep appearing, as jewels fall from the reels after wins, completely different symbols are added, bringing continued variety to the game which is perhaps just another reason why this slot machine has become as popular as it has, along with, of course, its popularity from other media.

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