Play Bejeweled Slot with Falling Jewels

Posted on December 14, 2013

play bejeweled slotA special feature named falling jewels is unique to this slot machine. When you play Bejeweled slot with the falling jewels feature, when ever a symbol on the reels is part of a combination that makes up a win, it will fall off making room for another symbol to take its place. Before the jewel symbol falls away though, the win would have been registered and paid to you. Any new win formed by the symbols replacing those that fell away, will also be registered and paid meaning that for just the cost of one spin; you can keep getting wins after wins.

Free Spins
What is also perhaps unique to this slot machine is the fact that unlike most slot machines that just pay you when you are able to match similar symbols across the reels, this slot machine also pays you if you are able to match similar symbols down in columns on the reels. This unique feature obviously has two advantages. Firstly it can potentially double your chances of obtaining a win and secondly it means that you may get a win across the reels and one down a column in the same spin and if this happens, you will not only receive both the wins but you will also be awarded a free spin. Of course, with the free spin you could again get two wins which would in turn, award you yet another free spin and this process can potentially keep occurring whilst your winnings continue to grow by two wins at a time, yet you are paying no extra.

Special Features
With these two special features it is hardly any wonder that this slot machine has acquired such great popularity. Just one of these features, that can see you continuously winning without having to pay for any more spins, would make the machine popular but to have both of these features on just one machine, doubles that popularity.

Of course, as Bejeweled is an already popular game on in other forms, the Bejeweled Slot version was always bound for popularity but perhaps not quite so much.

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