Play Bejeweled Slot with Endless Wins

Posted on January 19, 2014

play bejeweled slotSomewhat amazingly, on this slot machine there are two ways that you could potentially receive endless wins. Not only when you play Bejeweled slot are these wins potentially endless but they are also wins that cost you no extra to get.

Special Features
Unusually, wins are not only received for matching symbols in rows but are received for matching symbols in a 5 x 5 grid, meaning you can get wins in rows going across the reels, which is normal, and you can get wins for matching symbols down in columns, all within the grid of course. This obviously means that it is very possible to get wins across a row and down a column, in the same spin, two wins at once. This is good news at any time but especially on this slot as it awards a free spin for any double wins that occur. If, during your free spin, you receive another double win, which because of the size of the grid is very possible, you will receive another free spin. This is a special feature that can potentially go on and on with you adding no more coins to the machine but keeps you building up your credits with double wins.

Another special feature that can also potentially give you endless wins is the feature called ‘falling jewels’. As with other bejeweled games, the symbols on the reels of this slot are different colored or shaped jewels and the jewels referred to in this feature are the symbols. The feature itself requires that any symbol that is used to make up a win; falls from the reels. This space then of course, has to be filled by another symbol. If, which once again is very possible, the replacement symbol also makes a winning combination, not only is that win once again paid but the symbol has to also fall from the reels creating another space. This is therefore another process that has the potential to go on and on almost endlessly without you having to put in another coin.

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