Play Bejeweled Slot and Find a Difference

Posted on January 03, 2014

play bejeweled slotAlthough you may have played either bejeweled or slot machines before, perhaps even both, you will find that this slot machine is uniquely different from the ones you have played before. When you play Bejeweled slot, because of the special features built into it, it will be a totally different experience from one that you may have had before.

Although the game bejeweled is basically the same as other versions which have multi colored or shaped jewels as their symbols and wins are attained by matching these symbols in sets, this version has features that make the game easier to win and hopefully that much more interesting and enjoyable.

Special Features
The first of these special features is something referred to as ‘falling jewels’. This feature dictates that any symbol that has been part of a winning combination must leave the reels. Obviously that would leave a space on the reels if there wasn’t a replacement and so the ‘fallen’ symbol is replaced with another. There is of course no reason why these replacement symbols can’t also make up winning combinations and so they would also have to ‘fall’ and again be replaced. The nature of this feature means that, potentially, it could go on and on supplying new wins without any extra coins or credits have to be used.

Another feature on this slot machine that is uncommon among slots is that there is not necessarily pay lines but rather a 5 x 5 pay window. This means that wins can occur down in columns as well as just across in rows. Not only does this perhaps double your chances of winning but also gives a greater opportunity for you to get two wins from the same spin and that is where the third of the special features comes in. This third special feature awards a free spin if you are able to get more than one win showing at a time. Again, obviously, there is no reason why the fee spin itself cannot produce a double win, affording yet another free spin.

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