Now Win with Bejeweled

Posted on April 09, 2014

play bejeweled slotsBejeweled has for many years provided a lot of people fun as an arcade game but now that enjoyment can be turned into cash, when you play Bejeweled slots. It is based on the popular arcade game but as it is a slot machine; its major concern is offering you the potential to win cash and it succeeds in doing that in an exciting way.

This slot machine varies from others in so far as, instead of having pay lines, it has a pay grid which is 5 symbols wide and 5 symbols deep. This pay grid means that you can match up the multitude of different jeweled symbols anywhere within the grid, whether it be from side to side or up and down, creating more winning opportunities. Another feature on this slot that is perhaps also unique is the falling jewels feature. The falling jewels feature is a feature that dictates that any jewels which are used to form a winning combination fall from the reels making way for replacement jewels to take their place. Of course, it is very possible that these replacement jewels could form winning combinations of their own and if they do, those wins will also be paid before the replacement jewels themselves, fall from the reels.

The winning grid on this slot machine, which pays for combinations in all directions, means that it is possible to get more than one winning combination on any one spin and when this double, or perhaps even treble, win occurs, a free spin is awarded. As any spin can bring a win, or a multiple win, a free spin can as well. This means that one double win, resulting in a free spin can lead to a second double win occurring on that free spin. This is a process that is on going and so free spin after free spin can ensue, not forgetting of course, the falling jewels feature that accompanies all of these wins. These two possibly unique features ensure that the Bejeweled Slot is not just an enjoyable game but also a potentially profitable one.

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