Jewels Bring Wins on the Bejeweled Slot

Posted on April 29, 2014

bejeweled slotAlthough many people are probably familiar with the game Bejeweled through playing it on their phones but what they won’t be used to is actually winning cash by playing it. However, that is exactly what can happen on the Bejeweled slot. The popular game on phones has now come to the world of slot machines and everybody knows that slot machines can pay out some big wins. The symbols on the reels of the slots are similar to the other games, a mixture of jewels of different shapes and colours and when they come together in certain combinations, they pay.

On these slot versions of the game you get a wild symbol which makes it easier to win, the wild symbol is the Bejeweled logo. Unlike normal slots where you have to get the symbols in certain lines in order to win, these slots just have a winning grid and so matching the symbols anywhere within the grid can afford you a win. The beauty of having a winning grid as opposed to winning lines is that you can make winning combinations up and down as well as from just side to side, which of course means, it is not just possible but very likely that you may get two winning combinations from any spin and if you do, you get awarded a free spin.

It is perfectly feasible for that free spin to also produce another double win in which case, yet another free spin will be awarded. There is another feature on these machines which could result in you getting several wins from just one spin and it is the falling jewels feature. This feature requires that any jewel symbol that is part of a winning combination must fall from its reel allowing another jewel to take its place. If one jewel can make a winning spin, it is just as possible for the next one to as well and if it does, that too will be required to fall from its reel and be replaced by another. This process can continue for win after win.

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