History of Slots

Asking the question of who invented the slot machine opens up a rich history of the game. You might want to know that slot machines are still around and it may be safe to say that as long as the bet-gaming industry is around, slot machines will continue to pervade.

Now who invented the slot machine? The name is Charles Fey. He had the initial idea and design of the slot machine. He eventually invented the first machine way back in 1887. This machine has three rotating reels and 5 symbols on each reel. This allows three combinations to win. The symbols were horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty Bell. The liberty bell gave the most payout and thus the machine became famous having that name.

Despite the struggles of the gambling industry in the 80s, Fey’s invention continued to become famous and sometimes he can’t even keep up with the orders from other states.

In New York, manufacturers Sittman and Pitt got really interested with the machine and invented their own version. This machine was known to be the precursor of the modern slot machines. This includes 5 reels with 50 symbols, respectively from the 50 card faces. To win, one has to bet on poker combinations.

Electromechanical machine came into existence in 1963 and was called “Money Honey”. A lot of people were happy about it for it relieves attendants watching over gamers, though it might have been not so good for owners since a lot of cheaters came into existence. Even though the slot machines were far from perfect, it did give a good job and even pays out 500 coins on their own.

A solution came for the many cheaters at that time. The year was 1976, videos were popular and there exist a video game version of slot machines. It actually became one of the first video games ever released. Most of these video slot machines reside in the center of betting, Las Vegas.

Over time, and with the help of technology, number of paylines continues to increase. On average, a slot machine may offer 9 to 50 paylines. It’s important to read paytables since rules most likely vary from one machine to another. Furthermore, ways to win became more flexible.

Today, you might have heard of slot machines. Yes, that is yet another evolution of the game. Now people can play at home, with friends and bet safely at the same time. With computers aid, the game has now many perks than ever. Slot machines now have themed slot games, lucrative bonuses and many more.

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