General Slot Features

Most of the time, people go to casinos to gamble and double their money. Some of them don’t know that there are games in there that actually give you a bigger cut. Say for example, slot machines.
Slot machine is not only easy to play, but it also gives you a better chance to win due to its features. Now, with online slot machines, you can grab the wins anywhere and at any time you want.

Wild Symbols
This is usually a favorite for most because it helps them win. It works this way: a wild symbol is a special symbol that can substitute a normal payline symbol. Think of it as a joker card, which assumes the form of the other cards. However, as a rule, slot machine wild symbols may only substitute normal slot machine symbols, thus decreases the chance of you getting scatter bonuses and other bonus features.

The catch is, one should choose slot machine that offer more than one wild symbols. In this way, the multi wild symbols increase the chance to double or triple your wins.

Scatter Symbol
Not so long ago, scatter symbols were the red cherries. So you get to have some winnings when you align double or triple cherries. Today, online slot machines allow you more chances to win since there are more scatter symbols available. This also means that the longer the paylines the higher chance to win. Going for longer paylines is the secret when playing with scatter symbols.

Free Spins
As the word itself, it’s for free. You can trigger free spins mostly from scatter symbols, e.g. you spun three or more scatter symbols. This increases your chance to win successively. Slot machines allow you to play the round with whatever coin level you had selected when you triggered it. Most slot machines may give a bonus multiplier while on free spins. Take note that the free spins may be played on another slot.

Bonus Game
This is the best perk of playing online slot machines. With advance computers, more intricate rules are added on the game, which means more exciting features! Now activating scatter symbols on a single spin, bonus round can be activated. Bonus round gives you a combination of free spins or it can be an entirely new game! This is where you get the best prizes – obviously why it is called bonus.

There are already a lot of themes for slot games. The bonuses and mini games are usually related to the theme. Imagine a soccer game where you kick virtual balls to respective goals while winning prizes along the way.

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