Falling Jewels on Bejeweled Slot

Posted on February 24, 2014

bejeweled slotThe symbols on these slots are of different colored and shaped jewels and there is a special feature on them that requires that whenever any of these jeweled symbols form part of a winning combination or match, they are to fall from the reels. This special feature on the Bejeweled slot means that the empty spaces left by the fallen symbols are replaced by new symbols. This feature can be almost endless as, if the replacement symbols also make up winning combinations or matches, they too have to fall from the reels. The outcome of this special feature is that there is the potential for you to get repeated wins one after the other without having to put any more coins into the machine.

Winning Grid
Unlike most slot machines that having winning pay lines, these slot machines have a winning grid where symbols that match up anywhere in the grid will pay a win. The grid is 5 symbols wide and 5 symbols deep which means it is far easier to get two wins at a single spin than it is on other slots. As you can obtain a win down the columns and across the reels in the same spin, double wins are often occurrences. If a double win does occur, another special feature on these machines awards a free spin. Obviously the free spin has just as much chance of producing a double win as any other spin and if it does, another free spin is again awarded.

With the ease with which the winning grid can allow for double wins to be attained, this special feature again, allows for the potential of receiving win after win without having to put any more coins into the machine.

Bejeweled has for many years been a very popular game on a variety of different media but with the introduction of it on to slot machines has made it a far more enjoyable one, with far more options allowing for you to not just win but win repeatedly without any repeated expense.

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