Endless Wins when you Play Bejeweled Slot

Posted on February 16, 2014

play bejeweled slotThere are two special features on this slot machine that at least have the potential to award you, not only endless wins but endless wins that don’t require for you to put in any more coins. The first of these special features when you play Bejeweled slot is the free spin award. This feature dictates that if you succeed in getting more than one win on any spin, you are to be awarded a free spin. Now even on other slot machines it is even possible to get double wins but considering that this slot machine does not have winning lines but instead has a winning grid, the possibility of getting a double win are even higher.

The winning grid system means that any winning combination of symbols can be located anywhere in the winning grid, which on this slot machine is a 5 x 5 grid. This effectively means that wins can be, not only across in rows but also down in columns. This of course means that it can be quite common to receive a win across the rows at the same time as receiving a win down one of the columns, requiring a free spin to be awarded. If this double win can be achieved once, then obviously it can be achieved again and if it is achieved during the free spin, yet another free spin will be awarded, potentially allowing for there to be free spin after free spin being awarded and you winning without having to spend any more.

Another feature that has the potential to award win after win without putting in coins id the falling jewels feature. This special feature requires that any symbol that makes up part of a winning combination; must fall away from the reels. These fallen symbols must be replaced by other symbols and if they too make winning combinations, they too must fall away from the reels. We are once again faced with a situation where winning symbols may continuously be replaced by more winning symbols, potentially allowing for you to receive win after win without having to place any more coins in the slot.

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