Endless Special Features on Bejeweled Slots

Posted on February 12, 2014

play bejeweled slotThe number of special features on these slots is not endless but the ones there are can be almost endless. Firstly on the Bejeweled slots instead of having pay lines, they have a pay grid which is 5 symbols wide and 5 symbols up and so any matching symbols within that grid can create a win. As wins can be made both down the columns and across the rows, it is easier to get more than one win at a time and that is where the first of the almost endless features comes in. If you are able to get more than one win on a single spin, the machines award you a free spin. Obviously that free spin could also produce a double win and if it does, you again get awarded a free spin. As any free spin can create a double win, this process can be almost endless, with you obtaining double wins after double wins without putting in another coin.

The second of the special features that can be seemingly endless is one known as the falling jewels. As the symbols on the reels are all of jewels in different shapes and colors, this special feature refers to the symbols on the reels. If any of the symbols on the reels, form part of a winning combination, once the win has been registered, the symbol falls from the reels. This fallen symbol obviously leaves a space that has to be filled and so another symbol takes its place. If this replacement symbol also makes up a winning combination, after it has been registered, it too falls from the reels creating another space to be filled. Once again we are in a situation where any new symbol could form another win and so this process also has the potential to go on almost endlessly.

Bejeweled is a popular game on many forms of media but it is unlikely that, because of its excellent special features that can more easily create wins, any other version of the game will match the popularity of these slot machines.

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