Bejeweled Slots with a Grid of Wins

Posted on December 30, 2013

bejeweled slotsUnusually, these slot machines do not just pay in winning rows, they have a winning grid is stretches for the five rows across and for five columns down meaning that as well as earning wins for matching symbols in rows, you can also earn win for matching symbols in columns. Obviously this makes it more likely that with the Bejeweled slots, you can obtain more than one win per spin, perhaps making a winning line across, as well as earning a winning column, both with just one spin.

Free Spins
Being easier to get more than one win on just one spin is a bonus at any time but on these slots there is yet another added advantage. If you are able to get more than one win on any spin, the slot machines will automatically award you a free spin. Now of course, if you can get more than one win on a single spin once, you can possibly do it again and if you manage to do it again on your free spin, you will again be awarded a free spin.

This means that you can potentially get free spin after free spin, almost endlessly meaning that your double wins without any additional paying in, will very quickly raise your amount of credits.

This game bejeweled game is a very popular game on many media but it is probably rare for you to win as frequently or so well on any other form than these slots.

Although the game is similar in many respects, such as having symbols that are of varying shapes and colors and wins are attained by matching the symbols, few other versions have as many special winning features as these slot versions.

Falling Jewels
One of the special winning features that is perhaps unique to these slots is something known as falling jewels. This feature requires that any symbol that is used as part of a win must fall away from the reels making room for a replacement. If this replacement symbol also makes a win, it too will be replaced, once again having the potential for an almost endless string of wins with no additional coins being put in.

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