Bejeweled Slots the Game with a Difference

Posted on December 18, 2013

bejeweled slotsBejeweled is a very famous game on many media but although these slot machines have the same basic game, they certainly have some differences that are perhaps unique but definitely make the game more exciting. When you play Bejeweled slots you will notice that there are some special features that you don’t see on either the other bejeweled games or on any other slot machines, making them a unique and exciting experience to play and hopefully win.

Bejeweled Slots
These games of bejeweled are basically the same as any others as far as you needing to get the jeweled symbols matching together. They are also the same in so far as all the symbols are of jewels of one kind or another and the jewels are of all shapes and colors but there the similarities may stop.

Special Features
The good thing about the special features on these slot machines is the fact that they not only make the game more exciting but they also create a great many more winning opportunities.

The first of the special features is the fact that although slot machines usually pay for similar symbols in a row across the reels, these slots also pay for matching symbols down the reels in columns. This feature makes it far easier not just to get wins, but opens up the chances of getting more than one win per spin. If you are able to get more than one win in a single spin, another special feature on these slots awards you a free spin, which means with it being so much easier too get double wins, you could be receiving free spin after free spin and that will surely take your winnings up.

Yet another special feature on these slots is what is called falling jewels. The falling jewels feature allows for symbols that have been part of a win, to fall off the reels making way for replacement symbols. If those replacement symbols also make a win, they too will fall off the reels. This then, also means that you could get a host of multiple wins that can make your overall winnings very high.

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