Bejeweled Slots Offer Familiarity with a Difference

Posted on January 15, 2014

bejeweled slotsThe game bejeweled is probably well known to many people as, in other forms and on other media, it has been around for years. Although the Bejeweled slots are similar in many respects to the original game, they have several added special features.

This game is similar to other bejeweled games in so far as it uses different shaped and colored jewels as symbols on its reels. It is also similar in so far as you have to match the symbols in order to win but where it differs is that firstly, unlike most games, including other slot machines, wins can be formed anywhere in a 5 x 5 winning grid. Inside of this grid wins can be created either across in rows or down in columns which even makes it easier to get double wins as you could get a win across and at the same time, a win running down a column.

The beauty of it being easier to get a double win is, if you do, this slot machine will award you a free spin. The good news doesn’t end there though, if the free spin also provides a double win, which is certainly possible, yet another free spin will be awarded. As the grid is 5 x 5, these double wins have the potential of continuing almost endlessly with your winnings going up whilst you are playing for free.

Falling Jewels
Another special feature that perhaps makes this slot machine stand out against all other slots or games, is a feature called ‘falling jewels’. This special feature ensures that any symbol that is used in any win; will fall from the reels. The space on the reel, left by this falling symbol, is filled by a new symbol. If of course, this new symbol also creates a win, it too will have to fall from its reel, again making space for yet another symbol. As any symbol filling this space for the second time also has the potential to create yet another win, this process can potentially continue almost endlessly, creating some really magnificent winnings for you.

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