Bejeweled Slots have Unique Features

Posted on November 28, 2013

bejeweled slotsThese slot machines have some unique special features that can potentially keep the wins coming, even without having to pay any extra. The first of these special features on Bejeweled slots is something that is referred to as falling jewels and the second is a special feature that awards free plays.

These slot machines are themed on the already popular game Bejeweled that can be played in many other game variations but this is the first time that it has been brought to the world of slot machines. The huge popularity that Bejeweled has enjoyed on other forms certainly seems to have followed it on to the slot machine but it may be the special features that keep the masses playing.

In the falling jewels feature, any symbol on the reels that makes up a winning combination will, once the win has been noted, fall away to make room for another symbol. If any of the replacement symbols make up a winning combination, they too will fall away once the win has been noted. This procedure can continue endlessly, resulting in a very high build up of wins for the player, from just one paid spin.

The second of the special features, the free play feature, consists of awarding the player a free play if they are able to attain more than just one win on any spin. This isn’t as hard as it may seem as, unlike many slots, the Bejeweled Slots pay for matching symbols either in rows across the reels and also for matching symbols running down the columns of the reels. Once again, especially considering that these slots pay for wins in two directions and so can be attained far easier, this special feature can mean that the player can potentially receive almost endless free plays, not having to pay any extra while the wins keep building up.

With special features like these that can lead towards some huge payouts, it is probable that these slot machines would acquire a great amount of popularity regardless of what their names may be.

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