Bejeweled Slots have Falling Jewels

Posted on February 28, 2014

bejeweled slotsThe falling jewels feature on these slot machines is just one of the many features that they have to try and assist you in winning whilst playing this most enjoyable game. The falling jewels feature on Bejeweled slots means that any symbol, which are all jewels of different shapes and colors, that forms part of a win, has to fall from the reels. Of course any fallen symbol would leave a space that has to be filled with another symbol and it is. The good thing about this is that, if the replacement symbol also creates a win, you will get paid for that win to. This is a process that could potentially go on and on, giving you win after win without paying in any extra coins.

Winning Grid
One thing that possibly makes these slot machines unique is that instead of having winning pay lines, they just have a 5 symbol by 5 symbol grid and any symbols that are matched within that grid, whether id up and down or across, create wins.

Double Wins
Another incredible special feature on these machines, like the falling jewels, can have you gaining win after win without having to put any more coins in. This special feature awards a free spin if you can make more than one winning combination with any one spin. Of course though, with the winning grid providing chances of winning up and down as well as across, the chances are far higher of getting more than one win per spin, than they are on more traditional slot machined. Remember of course, if a free spin produces a double win, another free spin will be awarded.

A Monotony Antidote
Some slot machines can perhaps get a little monotonous with the same symbols going round and round all the time but on these slot machines, new jewel symbols are continuously being added, breaking the potential for monotony setting in and keeping the game having a fresh, new look.

Although bejeweled is played in a lot of different versions on different applications, it is doubtful that any other version allows so many ways for you to win.

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