Bejeweled Slots Come of Age

Posted on February 21, 2015

bejeweled slotAlthough the game of Bejeweled has been around for years and in that time has been enjoyed by millions of people, it would now appear that it has finally become of age to be played as a slot machine. The Bejeweled slots offer all the same excitement and fun as the previous versions but instead of just being happy with winning, with the slot versions, you can be happy at winning and richer.

Obviously as the slots were released they immediately became popular due to the popularity of the other versions and as so many people had already played the game, they could easily pick up on the slot version. The first thing that you will probably notice that is different with these slots from other slots is the fact that they do not have pay lines but instead have a 5 x 5 winning grid. This grid system is thought by many to be a better approach to slots as it offers the opportunity to get wins up and down as well as just from side to side. Once you start to play, you notice something else that is different with these slots; the reels don’t spin. Instead of having spinning reels, the symbols cascade down the machine until they find an empty spot. This system is also thought to be good by many because if a symbol comes to a space where it creates a win, the win is paid but the symbol keeps cascading, enabling another symbol to contemplate the space and if it too creates a win that too, will be paid whilst that symbol keeps cascading.

As in the other versions of Bejeweled, the symbols on these slots are all of different gems, some coloured one colour and another a different colour and they are a mixture of shapes also. Apart from the jackpot which is 20,000 coins, wins can easily build up as, with wins being possible up and down and side to side, double wins can be achieved and when they are, a free spin is awarded, making regular multiple wins possible.

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