Bejeweled Slots are Newcomers to Fame

Posted on November 12, 2013

bejeweled slotsThe game Bejeweled has been famous for many years and now it has come to the world of the slot machine. Bejeweled slots follow the same basic game that has become so famous and popular through other media and so immediately gained popularity as a slot. This easy to play colorful game seems to have a magical appeal, perhaps due to all the gems and jewels that it displays or perhaps just because it is exciting and suspenseful. Either way the slot version will also be popular not just with Bejeweled fans but also with slot enthusiasts because it contains some very potentially high paying special features that are possibly unique to these slots.

Special Features
One of the special features is known as the falling jewels feature and this feature can assist you in getting endless additional wins from just one spin. This feature allows for any symbol that has taken part in a win, to fall and make room for another symbol. Once again, if the replacement symbols also make a win, not only will that win be paid as well as the first but also any subsequent wins obtained by the replacement symbols falling away, will also be paid. This means that any one spin could lead you to a bout of almost endless new wins appearing.

A second special feature can also lead to almost endless wins occurring. This feature allows that any time two or more wins are received on the same spin, a free spin is awarded. Obviously if this free spin also provides at least a double win, then yet another free spin is awarded. As this process can continue almost endlessly, the amount of double wins mounting up whilst you are not paying for the spins, will see your winnings reaching heights that will light up your eyes as if they were themselves sparkling jewels.

For further enjoyment, as well as the abundance of wins available, whenever falling symbols occur, completely new symbols are added to the reels, keeping the game with a fresh and new appearance and avoiding monotonous repetition.

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