Bejeweled Slot has Many Differences

Posted on January 11, 2014

bejeweled slotAlthough the game bejeweled can be played on many different media, this version has many differences, not only from other games of bejeweled but also from other games of slot. The Bejeweled slot is different from anything else because it possesses some possibly unique features.

Special Features
One of the perhaps unique special features that this slot machine has is a winning window that is 5 symbols high and 5 symbols wide. As wins can be attained in this window up in columns or across in rows, meaning that unlike with other slot machines that only pay for matching symbols across the reels, you have a far better chance of getting multiple wins from just one spin of the reels. This is a particularly good feature here as also as a feature on the slot, is a free spin for any time you get more than one win at a time. Of course, as the free spin can also produce a double win, you could go on keep playing the machine, potentially indefinitely, without having to put in any more coins or credits.

Another perhaps unique feature on this slot machine is something called falling jewels. The jewels part of this name is there because all the symbols on the reels are of jewels with different shapes or colors and the falling part refers to the feature that allows for any symbol that forms part of a winning combination, to fall off of the reels. If a symbol falls off of the reels, obviously a void can’t be left and so another symbol has to take its place. If again, the replacement symbol also creates a winning combination, it too has to fall from the reels and once again avoiding a void, another symbol fills the space. This creates a second opportunity on this slot machine, for you to keep getting repeated wins whilst not having to use any more coins or credits.

Unlike most other versions of bejeweled, this slot machine avoids becoming repetitive by sometimes introducing completely new jewel symbols when replacements are required to replace the fallen ones.

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