Bejeweled Slot has Falling Jewels

Posted on November 24, 2013

bejeweled slotFalling Jewels is a name given to one of the special features on this exciting game of slots. Bejeweled slot is based on the popular game that has now been around for years and has kept many people amused with exciting fun. That fun and excitement, through this slot machine, can now be enjoyed in yet another suspenseful way.

The reels on this slot machine are filled with jewels and gems of a variety of types, shapes and colors and as with most slot machines, you attain wins by having these different symbols matching in lines when the reels come to a halt but with the falling jewels feature, things are a little different. The difference is that when, on Bejeweled Slot, the symbols on the reels make a paying match, they fall making way for other symbols to take their place. If these new symbols also make a winning combination that combination will also be paid. This is a process that can keep repeating itself that means from just one paid spin of the reels an untold number of wins can be amassed.

Unique Spins
This slot machine also has another perhaps unique feature that involves free spins. First of all the slot machine pays out for matching symbols that are either in line across the reels or in columns down the reels, which means it is very likely that a player can get more than one win on any spin. When this happens and a player gets more than one win from a spin, the player is rewarded with a free spin. Of course, if that free spin also results in another multiple win, another free spin is awarded and the process again goes on repeatedly.

These special features allow two ways in which a player can steadily build up a large amount of wins whilst only paying for just one spin. Even though these special features alone can result in some big wins, the Bejeweled Slot still has a wild symbol which means that getting multiple wins on any spin is even easier.

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