Bejeweled Slot has a Grid of Wins

Posted on November 08, 2013

bejeweled slotWith this slot machine the idea is to get matching jewels either across in lines or down the columns in a 5 x 5 grid. The simplicity of how to play the Bejeweled slot is probably what made the Bejeweled game so popular in a variety of other forms and has certainly helped in making it one of the more popular slots.

Special Features
The Bejeweled Slot is packed with special features to not only make the game more enjoyable but also to assist you in having a profitable experience. One of the features is that if you are able to obtain two wins in the grid at the same time, you will earn a free spin which means that if you continuously get more than one win at a time, the one spin could last almost an eternity and with the free spins not costing you and the wins keep mounting up, with any spin you could start a fantastic winning streak that could see you winning like a real high roller. Another special feature is known as the falling jewels. This is a feature where any symbol that is used to make up a winning combination, falls away making room for another symbol. If the replacement symbol also makes a win you will be paid for both or all wins as this feature continues kicking in even with the replacement symbols, leading to unknown numbers of wins.

Bejeweled Slot
The Bejeweled Slot machine is based on the game that is played on many other platforms and so has as symbols on its reels, jewels and gems of varying shapes and colors and the more of the same jewels that you can have placed in the slots grid at the same time, the more your winnings will be.

As jewels that are already on the reels ‘fall’ away after a win, different jewel s are continuously added, making the game always seem fresh and new with no repetitions, which along with the exciting and winning special features, makes the game a must play for both Bejeweled and slot machine enthusiasts.

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