Bejeweled Slot Follows the Tradition

Posted on December 10, 2013

bejeweled slotThere are now so many devices on which you can play bejeweled and they are almost traditional in the way that they are all played in the same way. Now the Bejeweled slot follows that tradition and presents a game of slots that has the same excitement and challenge of the other bejeweled games but adds to it the extra excitement of a traditional slot machine, doubling both the fun and the enjoyment.

As in all the other variations of the game, jewels are featured greatly and on this slot machine, the reels are filled with symbols of different gems and jewels. They may be a wide variety of shapes and colors but they are all jewels in one form or another.

Obviously the object of the game, as usual, is to get matching jewel symbols on the same line but it is here that the Bejeweled Slot is different from other slot machines. Whereas most slot machines will pay you when symbols match up along a row, this slot machine will also pay you if you match the symbols coming down in a column, potentially doubling your winning opportunities.

To assist you in winning, this slot machine has an additional feature known as falling jewels. This falling jewels feature allows any jewel symbol that has been used as part of a winning combination, to fall away, making room for a different jewel to take its place and the good thing about that is, if the replacement jewel also makes a winning combination, you will be paid for that too. This means that multiple wins can be made from just the one spin.

Another special feature that has good winning potentials is the free spin feature. As wins are possible both across the machine and down it, it is obviously possible to get more than one win at a time. If this happens on the Bejeweled Slot, you will be awarded a free spin every time that it happens. If the free spin also provides a double win, then again, a free spin is awarded giving the potential for a great build up of wins.

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