At Last get Paid for Winning Bejeweled

Posted on April 17, 2015

play bejeweled slotsAlthough you like millions of others, may have been playing the game Bejeweled for years, you will have been playing it on your cell phone or other device which does not afford you the opportunity to win hard cash when you win, that though, now has changed. When you play Bejeweled slots, just like any other slots, you can win money. Although these versions of the game differ in so far as you can actually win a financial reward for winning, they actually don’t vary much from the other versions, they still have symbols that are of brightly shining jewels of various shapes and colours that sort of react in a similar way to Tetris. This means though that, the game is a little different from other more traditional slot machines and those differences mean that there is a winning grid instead of a predetermined set of pay lines and that the symbols don’t actually spin on reels; they cascade down until they reach their place.

These differences haven’t seemed to deter the hardened slot enthusiast though as they seem to like the differences and why shouldn’t they; they offer some great winning opportunities. First of all, the grid means that wins can be obtained both horizontally and vertically allowing for two wins to be obtained at the same time. Also, if any jewel places itself in a winning position, once the win has been noted, the symbol continues to cascade off the bottom of the grid. This means that there are empty spaces for other jewels to cascade into and they do. If the new jewels also find themselves in a winning position, they too will remove themselves but not before a second win has been noted and paid. Not only is the opportunity to get two wins at the same time advantageous but, when you do get two wins at once, you also receive a free spin. With these extra, great ways to win it may be a little surprising to notice that there is also a 20,000 coin jackpot that can be won.

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