An Iconic Game comes to the Slots

Posted on January 22, 2015

bejeweled slotThe game Bejeweled has been played by millions either on their phones, PCs or mobile devices for years and now at last it become a slot machine. The Bejeweled slot is played in a similar way to all the other versions and so provides equally as much fun. The difference is though, that whilst you play the other versions merely for the fun value, you can have fun and actually win money doing so with the slot machine version. Although the slot keeps to the basics of the well-known game, in order to do so it strays away from the traditional game of slots a little bit. One of the major ways in which the slot version strays from other slots is that it has no set number of winning lines, instead it features a winning grid and so by matching symbols within the grid, up or down, can earn you wins. Perhaps the other way in which the slot version differs from other slots is that the symbols, which are of course different shaped and coloured gems, cascade down the grid instead of spinning on reels.

Some of the special winning features on this slot include falling gems, which means that when the symbols have cascaded into a winning position, the winning symbols keep cascading to be replaced by new symbols which, if they too cascade into a winning position, will also cascade away to be replaced by yet more symbols. As all the wins will be paid this means that from just one ‘spin’, several wins can occur. Another winning feature is that if more than one win occurs at any one time, a free spin will be awarded and as the wins can come from side to side as well as up and down, this can be a regular occurrence, once again leading to more than just one win being obtained from just one paid ‘spin’.

Even though there are so many ways to win on this slot and to also get repeated wins, there is still a jackpot of 20,000 coins that can be won.

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