A Winning Grid on Bejeweled Slot

Posted on February 08, 2014

bejeweled slotUnlike other slot machines that just feature winning lines, this slot machine has a winning grid. The winning grid on the Bejeweled slot is 5 symbols wide and 5 symbols high and any adequately matched symbols within that grid can become a win. Obviously with wins being able to be created both down the columns as well as along the rows, it is possible to get two wins on any one spin.

If you do manage to get two wins from one spin, a special feature on this slot machine, awards you a free spin. This free spin can itself of course, produce another double win and if it does, yet another free spin will be awarded. Understanding this means that potentially, this slot machine can theatrically award you endless free spins with you collecting win after win without even having to put in any more coins.

Falling Jewels
The symbols on the Bejeweled Slot are of gems and jewels of varying shapes and colors and so are often referred to as the jewels on the machine. The slot machine has an additional special feature called falling jewels and this feature requires that any jewel that has been used in a winning combination; should fall from the reels. Empty spaces cannot remain on the reels and so mew symbols take the places of those that were required to fall off. If these replacement symbols are also used to create wins, they too must fall from the reels, again making spaces to be filled by new symbols. This special feature again then, has the potential to see you receiving win after win without even the need to put in any more coins.

The game bejeweled with its multi colored and shaped gems, is a popular game on many different media but the fact that this slot machine is the probably the only version that has so many winning special features, makes it stand alone as a game and probably accounts for it possibly being the most popular version of the game available today.

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