A Popular Game in Slot Form

Posted on March 28, 2014

bejeweled slotThe name Bejeweled is probably known to many as a pleasant and exciting game but now that it has been introduced in the form of a slot machine, it will certainly soon, be known to many more. The Bejeweled slot takes this familiar game to the next level and adds attractive payouts for those that successfully match the colorful gems that appear on the reels as symbols.

Unlike most slot machines, this slot does not really have the traditional pay lines; instead it has a 5 x 5 pay box. This pay box allows players to match symbols, not just across the reels but also to match them up and down, creating far more winning possibilities than there would otherwise be.

Many of the symbols are of gems that vary in both shape and color and although you are not actually playing for the possession of these jewels, the money that you can win by matching them, could allow you to buy your own jewels, ones who’s color and shape are of your choosing. Apart from different gems being symbols on the reels there are also playing cards from Nine to the Ace, a bejeweled wild symbol and a bonus symbol. The wild symbol when used in a win, can double that win and if you get the bonus symbol, you could earn a multiplier to the win, of between 2 and 7.

In a somewhat unusual fashion, when one of the gem symbols has been used in a win, it will fall from the reels allowing a new symbol to tumble into its place. Although perhaps unusual, this is certainly a plus for any player as, if the new symbol that tumbled into place, also provides a win, that win will also be paid before those winning gems also fall from the reels. Almost like free spins, these symbols can keep tumbling into new empty spaces, almost continuously until there are no more possible wins left.

This colorful and popular game certainly provides ample excitement but best of all, it also allows an abundance of wins, making for a profitable, enjoyable, experience.

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