A Familiar Game Comes to this Slot

Posted on April 21, 2014

play bejeweled slotBejeweled is a game that has probably been played on the phones of many people but when you played it on the phone you couldn’t win money, whilst now that it has come to the slot machine, you can. When you play Bejeweled slot you will see that the game is very familiar except that it is perhaps even easier to win than the one on your phone was.

The game, on this slot, is played on a 5 x5 symbol size grid and any win lining up anywhere within that grid will pay. This is different from other slots as they have pay lines and all those pay lines are always across the reels, with this slot machine you can get a win from a line that is formed up or down as well as from side to side. This means of course, you could even get two wins, one running side to side and one running up and down, at the same time. If you do manage to get two wins on the same spin, a special feature on this slot allows you to be awarded a free spin.

As is usual with any of the Bejeweled games, the symbols on the reels are of different shaped or coloured jewels but on this game there is also a wild symbol, that of the Bejeweled logo. Another special feature on this slot machine is something called Falling Jewels and this feature ensures that any jewel symbol that is part of a winning combination, falls from the reels to be replaced by another. As it is just as easy for one jewel to win as any other, the replacement jewel may also make a win and if it does, it will also be paid before that jewel also falls from the reels, now imagine if that were to be replaced by the wild.

With dual wins awarding free spins which can also supply wins and the falling jewels feature providing the opportunity to get win after win from just one spin, the Bejeweled game on this slot is easily as enjoyable as your phone game and certainly more profitable.

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